Wednesday, June 3, 2009

7 More Weeks To Go!

Well tomorrow I will officially be 27 weeks along! Yay! Today marks day 21 here at St. Joe and surprisingly enough I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks! Of course it's been long and hard but honestly 3 weeks ago I didn't think I'd still be here. I'm so thankful though that just like the picture above reminds me everyday that God has everything under control! He already knows the plans he has for little Lincoln and just how long (down to the hour, minutes and seconds) Lincoln will stay inside me! It'll all happen in His perfect timing and not a minute sooner. Even though this whole thing has caught Tyler and I off guard, it didn't catch God off guard and that is so reassuring to think about! My brother painted the sign above and brought it down with him last weekend when he and my mom were here. I knew he was talented in singing, playing guitar and writing music but I had no idea he could paint like this! Needless to say I was VERY impressed! This is the preemie onsie that Hope got for Lincoln the other day. I have it hanging in my room because, I don't know if you can read it from the picture, but it says "Worth the wait...." with a cute little snail on it! It's so true. Lincoln is definately worth the wait and I will happily wait in for him because the longer he takes to make his appearance, the better off he will be once he's born. I look at this tiny onsie and can't believe a baby can be this small.

The only update right now is that I might get to move to a bigger room with a double bed instead of this twin hospital bed! My nurse said it was occupied at the moment but figured in the next couple days I would be able to move....that would be really nice and then whether Hope or Tyler are staying with me, they would have a more comfortable place to sleep.

Wednesday May 13th (the day before my water broke) I had called and signed up for a Birth Preparation Class here at St. Joseph. Well since the class is just a floor below me my Doctor approved for me to go. So our first class was last night from 7-9pm. Tyler rolled me down in my wheel chair (which didn't cause everyone to look at me and wonder what in the world was wrong with me!). Last night was mostly just about information so I was able to do almost everything. I didn't exactly know what to expect and a lot of the information wasn't new to me (I've had lots of time to read and do my own research! haha) but I'd be lying if I didn't say, it was kind of hard for me to sit in the back the look at all the happy moms-to-be with their bulging bellies and be jealous that they get to be at home, have their baby showers, and their babies have all the fluid they need to develop completely. We have three weeks of the class left and hopefully we will be able to attend all of them!

Well that's all I've got for now, I think I'll have another sonogram either later this week or beginning of next week and I'll find a way to get those pictures on here to show off our little guy!


  1. Love the sign. What a great, and reassuring reminder! Lincoln will definitely be worth the wait.
    We're still praying!

  2. 27 weeks is a huge accomplishment. Be proud of yourself! So glad to see you have your spirits up!!

  3. What a great sign and onesie, both great reminders!! So glad to see you progressing!! Thanks for keeping the blog updated!! Take care!

  4. You don't know me but I am praying for you. I've just gone through a similar situation but I wasn't able to keep from going into labor. Our little boy didn't make it. I say all of that to say I'm rejoicing in the fact that you haven't gone into labor. I know it must be difficult being on hospital bedrest. I pray that the time passes quickly for you and your family..

  5. I just watched your video, Courtney, "Nate's Life" Oh my, how beautiful. My face is covered with tears. God bless you as you mourn. I will pray for you. Thankyou for sharing your special miracle. In Christ's precious love, Lori (Marie's Mom)