Monday, June 1, 2009

Feeding the Forgotten

Today has been one of those harder days for me. It's been hard in different ways than my other "harder" days. Those have usually been because I'm feeling sorry for myself and just lonely being stuck here in the hospital. Today was different because until now I've been able to feel comfort in the fact that I still had a lot of fluid but after learning last week that I didn't have very much left and the problem it can present in the development in Lincoln's lungs, the worries of that have started to consume my thoughts all day. And unless I make myself do something "productive" here in my room, that's all I do is think about and focus on the "what if's." So while I was reading my friend, Kendra's, blog I came across her latest post about "Feeding the Forgotten." I clicked the link and read about these families in Uganda, that are trapping termites and eating dung to survive. I decided to give towards this and it helped me to feel like I was still able to "do" something and just put into perspective how lucky I am. My child already has so much more available to him to help him survive and do well after he's born and these children can't even find food to eat. I also think about my own selfish longings of what I want to be doing right now and realize I'm still getting food to eat, I'm safe and taken care of, my baby is safe and is getting great care and these children don't know where their next meal is coming from or where they might sleep at night. We take so much we have for granted and don't realize what we've got until it's gone or taken away from us. It's so hard not to take things for granted because I get so caught up in everyday life but it's something I really want to strive for.

Please consider clicking on the picture above and just reading about how you can give. 1 meal only costs $0.14. I know we're all stretched for money right now but each dollar will go so far for these kids!


  1. You are so beautiful Marie! We hear that "God never wastes pain" and I see that true in you. I'm not sure what I think about all things working for good...because some things just suck...but I see so much character in strength in you. I have always admired you so much. Things are essentially great in my life and I'm still negative and so,so selfish...but I don't even stop to examine myself. Thanks for the challenge! I am praying for you. Thanks for updating the blog. I wish I was with you.

  2. love ya girl! do you need a fruitista tomorrow around 11:45?

    tomorrow's assignment: learn how to do hyperlinks when you mention blogs or sites. not that you have to link to mine, that's not what i meant.

  3. haha....I'll never turn down a fruitista! :) for a link do I just copy the website and post in into my post? You might have to come show me

  4. I love your blog. God is using this as a way to grow you in Him. Here is a great quote:
    "THe Lord measures our strengh and than puts us where we'll need just a little more.....a place that may be hard for us at times - but not hard for Him. In Christ Ronda

  5. Thanks for your honest reflections. I think it helps to process what God is doing in our lives. Keep processing and make the most of this time, even though tough.