Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 26!!

As I post this I'm actually 26 weeks 3 days (each day counts ya know!). Slowly my tummy is getting a little bit bigger. I'm starting to wonder if my belly button is actually going to "pop" like they say it will, it's not even stretched to the same amount that it was before my water broke but we'll see what happens.

So here's a quick update of what has happened in this past week. Last weekend I experienced my first time being frustrated with my doctors. Well not technically my doctors, the doctors that were filling in while my doctors were both off for the weekend. Apparently the dr. that filled in looked at my sonogram from the day my water broke and couldn't believe that my water had actually broken because I still had so much fluid. So he decided on his own that he was going to retest (after my ob had told me they weren't going to do a test like that for risk of infection). Tyler wasn't here and I just felt helpless and didn't know what to do. So they did the stupid test and guess what? It confirmed that my water had broken, imagine that! When my ob found out abut the whole thing she was very frustrated and couldn't believe that he wouldn't believe my lab results etc. Anyway all that to say that I've never felt so helpless and and upset that a dr. would come in and not believe me or anything that the other dr.'s had already done.

They are doing a daily NST (non-stress test) to monitor Lincoln's heartbeat and make sure he's still doing okay in there. Well lately he's been a little ornery and the nurses (yes nurses, not just one it usually takes at least three of them to try and finally find him!) I'm sure just dred coming in here each morning because it usually takes over an hour to track him down and keep him from "escaping" the monitor! Friday they had tried twice and then ordered a sonogram to be done just to check on him. We found out from the sonogram that he's doing just fine but my fluid level has dropped from 14 oz. to 3oz. It seems like a huge drop but my ob has assured me that as long as Lincoln is doing fine then the fluid level doesn't matter. She was actually surprised that I had any left. She was sure they were going to say it had all leaked out. This means that he's still producing fluid so that's really good!

We also got a tour of the NICU here and that was an experience that I didn't expect to have such a strong reaction to. Although I know that no matter if I make it to 34 weeks or not our lil guy is going to to be there for awhile. I think actually seeing it made the reality of it all set it. If nothing else it was a boost of motivation for me to be content staying in here. My ob told me that every day I can keep Lincoln in there takes 2 days off of his stay in NICU. So if that's not motivation I don't know what is! So I'll continue to do my best to keep him content in there!


  1. Oh, Marie. I, too, would have been furious with that doctor! We'll be praying for you to be strong in spite of all of that. It sounds like you are keeping your spirits high, knowing that everything you do helps his chances. Hang in there! I'll be by to see you again soon. :)

  2. I would have been extremely frustrated as well. Your positive attitude amazes me! Keep doing what you're doing!

  3. Its true, 1 day in the womb is worth 2-3 in the NICU usually. You are doing so great! The more fluid- the better for those lungs!! Everyone is praying for 34 weeks! Only 7 weeks 4 days away! We always tell parents, regardless of when the baby is born- your goal is to be home by your due date. Prepare yourself for that. The closer to term he's born, the earlier you'll be home. But your due date is always a good goal.