Friday, June 12, 2009

Good News

Well the BPP was done this morning bright and early at 5am. They came to our room and just did it in here so that was nice. We watched the whole time and it was nice because the sonogram tech was very friendly and told us everything she was seeing. Lincoln scored a 4 out of 8 (his goal was 6) the part he didn't pass on was the breathing movements but I was reassured by both doctors that the test was only 30 minutes long and since he's so young he could've shown diaphram movement the minute they stopped the test or after 45 minutes. There just is no way to tell. But my amniotic fluid level was higher then they measured yesterday (over 2cm) and Lincoln had a full bladder so that shows that he is continuing to make fluid. Neither of my doctors were worried and Dr. Mroz was very reassured by the test (even though he technically failed). So we won't be meeting this little guy today at least! We'll do another BPP test Monday morning to see how he does then as well. So keep praying that everything is okay and I'll continue keeping everyone updated! Praise Jesus for a little more time in the incubator! :)