Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please Pray

I had another sonogram today to get all of Lincoln's measurements and see where my fluid level was. That was this morning and the sonogram tech was able to tell me right away that my fluid level had dropped again (surprise, surprise) to 1 cm from 3.8cm. I expected that and then she said that Lincoln weighed approximately 2 lbs 5 oz. I learned later tonight that he is measuring at 27 weeks instead of 28 weeks. They aren't sure if that is a mistake and that because of the lack of fluid they are measuring wrong or if he just isn't growing like he should be. So to determine which, they are going to do a biophysical profile test tomorrow morning. It's a score out of 8 and they measure 4 things like tone, amount of fluid and two others that I can't remember now. We already know that he will fail the amniotic fluid portion so they are wanting him to score a 6 out of 8. If he scores 6 out of 8 they they will say it's because of measurement error and they he's probably doing fine and growing normally. If he gets less than 6 then Lincoln will probably be coming out sometime within the next day or so. I know God is completely in control and none of this is taking Him by surprise. Please pray that Lincoln is doing just fine and that they can keep him in here much longer. I will have the test done in the morning, and as my doctor explained it's basically just like a glorified sonogram. I should find out the results fairly soon afterwards then and we'll go from there. I'm clinging to this saying right now,

The Lord measures our strength and then puts us where we'll need just a little more...a place that may be hard for us at times - but NOT hard for Him.


  1. praying for a 6! and peace for you and tyler!

  2. We're praying with you! By the way, since I was there when she said it, the other two things she said they are measuring is the amount that he is tucked--not spread out and the amount of movement. :)

    Also, just because I was curious, I checked webmd and it says that at 28 weeks they should be about 2 lbs 6 oz.

    Looking forward to seeing you sitting in your bed in the hospital next week!

  3. Hello, Marie and Tyler and Lincoln! We are praying with you, for you, lifting you up, asking God for his peace to be yours. His ways are infinitely wise and loving. And He loves you and has such compassion on your present lot. Looking forward to hearing the results tomorrow. I am not working this weekend so hopefully I can pop in and say hi. Love you all, Pam and Vail