Sunday, July 5, 2009

Avoiding Lab Work and Angry Ex-Smokers

So I just successfully avoided getting my blood drawn again and have to give another urine sample! My blood pressure was high again a few hours ago and so as soon as the resident saw that she ordered more lab work done! When my nurse came in I told her that I didn't have any other symptoms of pregnancy induced hypertension and asked if she could page my Dr. and ask if this lab was necessary. She came back and said the order was canceled! It's just so funny to me that this keeps happening (only funny because I can avoid it).

Today was so nice, I finally got the chance to sit outside in my wheelchair again! Perfect weather for me! I hadn't done that in probably at least 2 weeks because it's been SOOO hot! The excitement of my day was while I was sitting outside and this older man with an oxygen tank came out and started cussing out this other guy, who was quite a ways down the sidewalk, smoking a cigarette. He kept yelling at him to put out his cigarette because it's illegal to smoke on the premesis (he was right) but man he was calling that guy all sorts of names and said that he has smoked for over 50 years and now wishes he wouldn't have. As much as I HATE smoking and this it's rude when people stand right outside of a building and I have to walk right through all their second hand smoke to get out of the building, this was not the way to ask someone to put out their cigarette. I had to keep myself from laughing because the older man was just so outraged and just yelling explitives all over the place! Eventually the other guy put out his cigarette because the older man went in to get security. What was nice though was that the guy who was smoking came up to me afterwards and apologized for smoking since he could tell I was clearly pregnant. He said he had seen me and tried to smoke as far away from me as he could. So anyways, that's about it for the excitement around here.

Please keep praying for baby Lily, they had a rough night last night but she pulled through and is down to 32% oxygen today. J is doing okay but I know this has got to be so hard.


  1. So glad you had a good day.
    Sending up prayers for you today.

  2. Your story made me giggle!!! I will continue to pray for Lilly and her Mom. Love ya Huge!!! Mom

  3. Hey, Marie. I just got the call from Kendra. We're praying with you right now! Love you--

  4. What at least you got some laughter out of the ordeal!
    Since moving our son Collin into his big boy bed a couple months ago, we started a bedtime routine of reading a story, and then saying our prayers. I just wanted you to know that Collin and I have been praying for you, and now baby Lily as well. We're so glad little Lincoln is doing so well. Only a few more weeks!

  5. Way to be friend!!! God is growing you in so many ways. I am so proud of you. I am praying for you. love ya girl