Saturday, July 4, 2009

31 Weeks!

31 Weeks!!

Yay! We've made it to 31 weeks and 2 days so far! Dr. Mroz said that yesterday Lincoln made a milestone. I didn't know what she was talking about and she went on to explain that the daily Nonstress Test that they do on his heart rate passed by making jumps of 15 bpm instead of the normal 10bpm that they expect for a baby of his gestational age. It's not until 32 weeks that they expect him to daily have spikes of 15bpm. This is another good sign that he is doing really well in there! Praise Jesus! We have another sonogram and biophysical profile Monday morning and they will take some more measurements to make sure he is still growing normally.

I'm starting to get kind of frustrated with the fact that since I have so many different doctors (between the residents, laborists and OB's) that I have a different one almost everyday. That wouldn't be bad except for the fact that I've been having high blood pressure and and soon as they see that on my chart they don't bother to flip back at my history and see that I've already had all the tests done and they have all come back fine. They just automatically order bloodwork and urine samples to be done. So then the people come to take my blood and I have no idea what is going on! I talked to Dr. Mroz this morning and she said that if that happens again to tell them to wait and have them page her to make sure it's something that I NEED to have done! I'm so thankful to have an OB like her! She's so willing to go out of her way to see that I'm taken care of.

Tonight we're going to celebrate the 4th by hanging out with some friends here in my room and watching the fireworks display downtown. I actually have one of the best views to see it (I've been told by numerous dr.'s and nurses). It won't quite be what we normally would do for the 4th of July but it will suffice for this year :) Still so thankful that I'M here and Lincoln isn't born yet rather than him being born and in the NICU.

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  1. Hi Tyler & Marie - Just want you to know that I check your blog daily for updates. God's tender mercies have certainly carried you and given you the strength needed to sustain you through these days. Amazing. We await the arrival of Lincoln. Just imagine how different next year's July 4th will be for you:) You remain in our prayers. Love Carol & Royce