Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baby Lily

My friend J went into labor last night and ended up having an emergency c-section early this morning. Lily was born at 26 weeks, 1 lb 8oz. So, so, so tiny! Please pray for her and her new parents! Pray for strength for her as her little body works so hard to breathe. Also pray for J and her husband as this is going to be a long road in the NICU for all of them. I'm going to go visit tomorrow sometime.

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  1. Hi, you don't know me but I found your blog through Julie Johnson's blog. She was my bible study leader in college. However, I also know Lily's mom. She teaches at my old school. I just think it is interesting what a small world it is. I've been praying for your family and for Lily and her family. I'm sure she really appreciates your friendship and prayers though this rough time. Kara