Friday, July 31, 2009

NICU Day 25

Well today Lincoln did really well. He finished his whole feeding yesterday and last night so today they moved him up to 3 bottle feedings a day! The speech therapist worked with us again today and I started out feeding him with a slower nipple on the bottle and he kept collapsing to nipple so the therapist switched the nipple to a faster one. She then took over since it's harder to feed him with that because he isn't used to the faster flow. He did really well with it though and finished the whole feeding! It's so complicated feeding him! So many things to remember! Today the therapist would let him take 2 sucks and then sit him up to catch his breath and then 2 more sucks and then sit him up again. It was slow going but it worked because it helped him learn to go slower and that he needs to breathe between sucks.

Also today Lincoln weighs 4 lbs 13.9oz! He's just growing like crazy! Before we know it he'll be out of those preemie clothes! Keep praying for us as we now are in the "waiting" phase of the NICU. Just waiting for Lincoln to learn to suck, swallow and breathe! Here are a couple pictures that Hope took today, he was so alert when they went to visit him!


  1. He's already changed so much! He's so beautiful.
    Love and prayers.