Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a sigh of relief.....

Disclaimer: This post might be a little more information than some people might care to know so I'm just going to let you know you can stop reading now if you can't handle certain details.

It's 9:42am Wednesday morning and I've been up out of bed and moving around more than I have in the past 24 hours. Yesterday morning the OB specialist order a 24 urine speciman for me to test for proteins and signs of preeclampsia. Well that wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that my water is broken and I continue to leak all the time. So just putting a bucket in the toilet wouldn't work because the amniotic fluid would taint the urine since it has protein in it. They wouldn't be able to get a good sample and the test would be pointless. So....lucky me, I got to have a catheter (sp?) put in at 9am yesterday and had to keep it in for 24 hours. I've decided, rather quickly, that is so good that they usually put those in after you've been put under for surgery or for a c-section after you've gotten your spinal block. I can't tell you how miserable I was all morning yesterday! I think my nurse finally saw the side of me that can't handle much pain! Thankfully my mom was here all morning and was a great encouragement even though I was very crabby and irritable. I think it was one of the longest stretches of 24 hours (besides the first few days I was here) I've had in a long time! The pain/burning eventually went away and then the rest of the day it was just uncomfortable. Since I didn't need to get up to use the restroom all day, I got up once last night to get ready for bed and that was it! I'm such a baby.

What frustrates me about this is I am almost positive that they aren't going to find any proteins or anything wrong with me. They also took some more blood this morning, I'm starting to get used to getting poked so much! Dr. Mroz ordered some tests to be run on my blood on Monday to see if my high blood pressure could be caused by my thyroid. We won't know the results until at least tomorrow since my blood apparently was shipped off to Mayo Clinic. Part of me hopes it's being caused by my thyroid because that seems like a more simple "fix." But we'll see what happens.

Today marks 7 weeks being here! Wow! Only about 3 weeks left! I've never thought that 3 weeks seemed like such a short time! It seems to easy compared to the 7 weeks I've already done! Tomorrow I will be 31 weeks pregnant! Yippee! We're slowly but surely getting to 34 weeks!


  1. Hang in there, girl! Your almost there! Once you see that lil' man's face it'll ALL be worth it!

  2. hang in there and just remember they are just savin their butts and making sure everything is going good for you and lincoln i know it maybe a pain but it will be all worth it in the long run.. stay strong..

  3. I am so sorry about the catheter. I had to have one for just about 3 hours or so in the ER and I cried. It hurt so bad. So glad your mom was there with you!!

    I am so thankful you have made it this long in the hospital. What a journey--not like you planned. I'm getting excited to meet Lincoln in a few weeks!