Saturday, July 25, 2009

We're So Proud....

....of our little boy! Yesterday was the first day I was able to feed him his bottle. It's just once a day right now and he took 23mL of his 39mL. That was really good for him. Well today he just decided to surprise us all and took his entire feeding of 39mL's!!! Even better was that I was able to be there AND I fed it to him!! It was so exciting! The nurse thought that since he took his entire feeding that tomorrow (Sunday) he will get moved up to two bottle feedings per day! We're making some progress! This is so good because this is what we're waiting on now in order for him to come home! Once he can eat all of his feedings from either a bottle or breastfeeding and has his feeding tube removed, we can bring him home!!! I don't see this happening for a couple more weeks but who knows.....Lincoln is known for doing amazing things already so we'll see!

Prayer requests:
-Continue praying for Lincoln that he progresses well and continues to grow and learn to "suck, swallow and breathe" all at the same time.
-My kidney's as they are still not back to the normal level. I go back to my Kidney Doctor in a month to see if they have gone back down and if they haven't it won't be good. Pray that they go back to normal!
-Strength for me as I recover...and patience as I'm starting to realize just how long this is going to take.
-That Lincoln will show some interest in breastfeeding
-For Tyler as he works hard to get our basement finished


  1. I'm so excited about your successful feeding with Lincoln and am so glad it was YOU who got to feed him the bottle. How is he doing with 2/day? I just can't believe how great he's doing. Love you and miss you! And I will be praying for your continued recovery and for your kidney issue.

  2. You know, sweet daughter, I am praying for you. I know you will finish strong in this marathon God is allowing you to run. Love you so much!!!