Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Steps

I know it looks strange but when feeding Lincoln a bottle we have to do cheek and chin support by putting one finger underneath his chin and squeezing his cheeks with two other fingers. Then you have to do all that AND hold the's a little awkward but I think I've figured it out! This picture was the first feeding that Lincoln took his full feeding from the bottle!
This is the same feeding....he did such a good job! Since then he has taken two more full feedings and a half feeding. So he's doing really good!
Here is daddy changing Lincoln's diaper. He does a really good job for never changing a diaper before!

Today Lincoln is 3 weeks old already! He weighs 4 lbs 9oz today. He is just growing so fast! Before we know it he'll be over 5 lbs!

Today was also the first day that I drove to and from the hospital instead of having other people give me rides. I drove for the first time to church yesterday since May 13th! It was a little weird and I felt like I was driving a little "choppy" but that worked itself out today. It felt more normal towards the end of the day today. It's so nice to have some freedom back and not have to rely on other people to get me places. (I'm SO thankful though for all the rides and offers to give rides that so many people gave me! It blessed me so much!)

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