Monday, August 10, 2009

I usually like rollercoasters.....

...but not this one! We're starting to experience the big ups and big downs of the NICU. The nurses were right when they said that the 4-6 feedings are when parents get the most frustrated. Because Lincoln is doing so well with everything else he seems healthy enough to be able to come home BUT we're still waiting on him to eat all his feedings. It seems like he just doesn't have enough strength yet to put so much effort into eating. It's so hard to watch him get SO tired! He's regressed a little on his feedings and isn't finishing as many of them as he used to. They said that's usually something that happens. He's being asked to do more than he ever has and it's taking him awhile to adjust to that.

Yesterday Lincoln had his pictures taken by Unruh Photography. She takes pictures of NICU babies through the Pictures of Hope Foundation. It's free and we will get 25 prints from her. It's a great way to help us remember the road we've been on. I'm excited to see the pictures! It sure is a small world though. Come to find out that the girl's maiden name is Friesen and she's originally from Henderson, NE! She recognized Tyler from seeing him at the Henderson pool so many years ago. Then we also found out her husband is first cousins with the lady Hope nanny's for. Small, small world!

Lincoln also had his eyes checked yesterday and the Dr. said that they are developing normally and doesn't need to see him again just for Lincoln to get them checked again at his 6 month appt. Lator on in the day we found out that the nurses saw that Lincoln has a Hernia. It's not a problem now because they can just push it back in but if it gets to the point that they can't push it back in, he will have to have surgery that same day because it could lose circulaton and cause bigger problems. The nurse told us hernia's are pretty common in preemies and espeically boys. She also reasurred us that the surgery they would do to correct it is the least invasive surgery that they do. So that was good to hear.

Tonight my mom got to hold Lincoln for the first time! She was so excited! I think Lincoln liked it a lot too because he was just staring at her for the longest time! It was so cute!

Thursday was Lincoln's 1 month birthday! Can't believe it's already been over a month now! He weighs 5 lbs 9.2 oz today and a couple days ago when they measured, he was 17 1/2 inches long. He sure doesn't have any problems growing!

Well it's getting late and I have to wake up in a couple hours and pump so I should get some sleep. Good night!


  1. I'm praying for you, Marie! This road with Lincoln's eating can be SO frustrating. It was fun to see him last week. He is doing so well! I'm praying that the day his eating "clicks" is soon so you can take him home. And I CANNOT wait to see his pictures!

    Also, I got your message about using Dreft. I was told by my nurse in the NICU that we did not need to use it. She told us just to rinse his clothes again after the washing cycle (make sure all th soap is out) and then to not use dryer sheets when we dry them. We did that for the first several months (now we just wash them regular) and didn't have any problems. It probably depends on how sensitive LIncoln's skin is too, but I would definitely try this method before spending all the money on Dreft.

  2. Ooo-eee---Lincoln is ADORABLE!!
    Praying for you guys as you are stretched to be patient as he learns to eat.
    I worked with Jenna "in our former lives"-I'm so glad she got to take Lincoln's pics...I'll be checking her blog to see them!

  3. I can't believe how BIG Lincoln is!! You are feeding him well!! He is about 35weeks corrected right? For some strange reason, LOTS of NICU babies eat so well, make lots of progress, then they hit 35 weeks & "forget" everything. I think something changes in the way they process their environment at 35 weeks. Because usually they are SO alert & SO interested in the world around them, but eating just isn't that exciting anymore. It usually takes around a week & then all the sudden, just like that, in like 1 or 2 days they "wake up" & eat wonderfly!! Sometimes its like they go from hardly eating 2 bottles a day, to being home in a matter of a week! Once he "wakes up" he'll be home in no time! Patience is the name of the game!! (Easier said than done!) You will get there, I promise!