Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NICU Day 36...

Today Lincoln did very well with his feedings! The speech therapist used one of our ventaire bottles (that I'll be using at home) to feed Lincoln to see if he would do well with it or not. He did really well and took his whole feeding. Then I came up this afternoon and we tried nursing for his 2:30 feeding. Lincoln just isn't ready for that yet unfortunately. After trying for awhile I just gave him a bottle and he gulped it down in like 10 minutes! Then at 5:30 I fed him with the new bottle (not the NICU bottle) and surprisly Lincoln took it all from it! I was very proud of him! He worked so hard and did so well!

The surgeon took a look at him today and decided they want to do the surgery to fix his hernia either Thursday or Friday of this week. They will probably go ahead and circumcise him as well during the surgery. The nurse told us that it's a pretty simple and quick surgery. It's scary for me to think of him being put under and having surgery. I know he's in God's hands though and has been through all of this. This is just another bump in the road that we'll get through.

Lincoln now weighs 5 lbs 10.9 oz. He's so long that he's starting to get too big for his preemie clothes! Yay! Lincoln has only lost weight the few days after he was born and two other days. But one of the days was just the loss of 1 gram so that isn't very much.

We're getting closer and closer to getting to bring our handsome boy home! Can't wait!


  1. Oh, yeah! I'm so glad to hear that things are getting close! I'm excited for you to be able to get home and have Lincoln with you. :)

  2. That is so exciting! He'll be home before you know it!