Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pictures of Hope

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to have Unruh Photography come and take some pictures of Lincoln in the NICU. Here are a couple pictures but click here to see the rest! I'm so glad we were able to do this. These pictures are so special.

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  1. Hey! You are welcome for the hat! I am continuing to pray for you as you go through the ups and downs of the NICU life. I'm so glad that you are getting good care and that you don't have a toddler at home to worry about, so you can devote all the time to Lincoln that he needs. I keep following your blog for updates, hope that things continue to go well and that he gains strength quickly. My little Quin came home with an apnea monitor, which though it was a pain, it was also a really nice reassurance that everything was okay with her! Feel free to leave a comment on my blog or email me if you want to "talk" more! --Carisa