Friday, September 11, 2009

2 Months Already!!

My baby is already 2 months old! Wow I seriously can't believe it. So much has happened since July 6. Lincoln has been home now for over 3 weeks and it has been so great to have him home and be a family of 3 now. We're starting to get used to his schedule now and know what to expect at certain times. He's a lot more alert lately and not really acting like a 1 week old (adjusted age). He has rolled over from tummy to back multiple times now and continues to show us just how strong he is by holding his head up by himself all the time! I think he just loves to look around and figured out he can look around more if he lifts up his head! He is still sleeping in a bassinet is our room, it's just so much easier for the moment since he gets up so often at night. Well that's all the time I have to update you all.....Lincoln is waking up. :)

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