Sunday, December 20, 2009

Only 1 more PT appt.!

The Physical Therapist that comes out to see Lincoln said that he is doing so well that she'll probably just come one more time in January and then he'll be done! Yay! She said as she was leaving last week that he is doing things more advanced than his age and I asked if she just meant his adjusted age which would be 3 months, and she said no his actual age! That was so nice to hear! Right now Lincoln is rolling from his tummy to his back really well and is starting to try to roll from his back to tummy. He just needs a little bit of help. He's gotten really good at being on his tummy and holding his dead straight up and even kicking and trying to move! He'll be crawling before we know it! We're working on sitting on his own right now. He does it every once in awhile for 20 seconds or so and then falls over so we just need to build those back muscles! So basically he is doing really well and developing just fine. What a blessing! I just love this little man soooo much!

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