Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be Mine

For Valentine's Day a couple girls in my small group and I all thought it would be great to do something together for V-Day so we mentioned it to our husbands and they planned a dinner for us. The guys put it all together and made all the food. It was so sweet and fun! Tyler was in charge of making Jello and dessert. The dessert he chose was Angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries...yum! The Jello was the hard part :) Bless his heart he was trying so hard but he didn't know that you are supposed to pour the boiling water into another bowl with the jello mix instead of the other way around (the jello into the boiling water on the stove). He let it continue to boil on the stove and it boiled over and RED jello went EVERYWHERE! Onto our WHITE counters, WHITE floors, WHITE drawer at the bottom of the stove. We're still finding it in little spaces. Tyler felt so bad and kept apologizing for messing up my kitchen. Needless to say the Jello didn't get done in time so we stopped by Dillons and bought jello cups :)

The guys served salad, garlic bread, chicken alfredo, pasta with tomato sauce, jello, angel food cake and great was all YUMMO!
Then we played the game "Wits and Wagers" the new game that we play just about every time we get together with any of these couples.

We are all blessed with amazing husbands!

This picture makes me laugh, look at Justin in the bottom right corner. He claims he was playing with the dog HAHAHA

Great Friends

I tried to get everyone in while we were at the table, almost got everyone

Lincoln got to spend the evening with the G Family. We are so blessed to know them and are so grateful for how they love on our little guy.


  1. haha, that's so funny! (the pic of justin)

    lucky ladies!

  2. The only people missing were US!!!! Ah, I miss you all!