Friday, February 12, 2010

Prayer Needed This Weekend!

Our friends, are in the process (and have been in the process for a long time now) of adopting from Kyrgyzstan. This is what K wrote on their adoption blog,

"This has me in tears today. Please take 4 minutes to watch this video and PRAY PRAY PRAY for the state of Kyrgyz adoptions, which have been delayed almost TWO YEARS now. This week, and February 15, are crucial. Pray especially for "the 65". They have been waiting almost that long also, and MANY are considered "critical special needs". Many of those parents have held their children, even, on their first trip, and then their second trip where they'd be able to bring them home shortly after never happened... It's TIME! I can't beg you enough to be on your knees for the situation and the efforts and meetings happening RIGHT NOW!"

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  1. thank you thank you for asking for more prayers!

    love the new look, btw! :)