Tuesday, March 9, 2010

8 Months Old

Wow this year is FLYING by!  I wish I could slow time down.  I'm trying to enjoy it all but things are happening way too fast!  I had a newborn baby for 5 months so I'm used to Lincoln "growing up" slowly and now he's just growing like crazy!  Even though he's 8 months old we still go by his adjusted age (which is 6 months) for his developmental stages and when to start foods etc.  Lincoln is right on track with where the doctors expect him to be right now.  He still gets Physical Therapy once a month or so just so they can keep an eye on his development. 

Things Lincoln is doing right now:

-Almost sitting on his own!  He's SO close!
-He does his own version of an army crawl and he's starting to get into things a lot faster than I'm used to.  Baby proofing the house is right around the corner!
-Finally big enough to sit in his high chair to eat!  Before when we first started cereal his head was barely above the tray so we just fed him in his bouncy seat.
-His favorite food right now is still squash but he also likes carrots, green beans and he's not sure about bananas. 
-He is finally starting to sleep through the night entirely!  Just every couple of days though.  If I can get his to take 7 oz. of formula at 10pm he'll usually sleep until 8am!  But when he doesn't eat it all he's usually starving by 4am and then goes back to sleep until 8am. 
-He's eating solids twice a day (most days).
-Lincoln had his first experience with grass last week when it got really nice outside.  He just wanted to eat it all!
-Lincoln has a new "pose" as well.  He leans on one arm on his side and puts the other hand on his hip like he's a model or something it's hilarious!  Tyler isn't too fond of it though....haha.

I'm 8 Months Old!!

 I tried to get a picture of Lincoln's pose and this is as close as I could get.  
Just picture him putting his right hand on his hip and freezing like that!  It's so cute!
Really messy eater!

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  1. i hope i get to see that man-model pose thurs eve.! that's HILARIOUS!