Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Amazing Deals This Week!!!

Ok as some of you have probably figured out by now, I'm addicted to couponing and finding great deals!  I'm almost to the point where if it's not $1 or under, I won't buy it.  Anyways I following quite a few blogs like this one and this one and they point out a lot of great deals or coupons that are available. 

This week Big Lots had a lot of great items on sale but you can't use coupons there so by taking the Big Lots ad into Walmart (or Target, but Walmart is less picky about price matching) and have them price match the items and then combine that with coupons!!  Here is the blog post spelling out how to do this and what coupons to use:

The Olay Body wash wasn't part of the ad but has a $15 rebate so after the rebate I spent a total of $8.16!!!!
I got the Sorry game for $1 and since we already have one I will donate it.  And notice there are only 3 packages of skittles (they were buy one get one free) so I bought 4 but ate one on the way home! :)

I also stopped by Walgreens and got each of these for $4.70 each (Regularly $10.99 for the pullups and $7.99 for the wipes)

So I was on money saving high and thought I'd share my savings with you all :)  That's all for now.

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