Friday, March 12, 2010

Splishin' and a Splashin'

Not in the bath tub this time in the pool!  Lincoln had his first experience swimming in a pool yesterday.  For his Physical Therapy he went to the hydrotherapy class that was offered at the Y and he had a blast!  It was funny trying to do things with him because he was too busy looking around at everything and everyone!  He sure loves to kick and make spashes in the pool!  We spend a little time in the Zero depth entry working on sitting and being on his knees playing with toys and then moved to the deeper end and did kicking and jumping into the water.  He was SO tired when we came home and just conked out. 

I have some swim trunks for Lincoln for this summer but they are still way too big to wear yet, so he just had the oversized (even though it was the smallest size they had) swim diapers.  This was also a big step for me, first time in a swimsuit in over 2 years (since I missed my summer last year) I was kinda scared for the people who had to see me, yikes! 


  1. Aw what a a great picture of momma and her boy :) I don't know if this helps with the swim diaper but I got Addy ( I don't know if they would fit any better.

    P.S. You look great :)

  2. Ooh, being a mom looks fun. :) You look fantastic!