Monday, March 22, 2010

We Accepted an Offer!

We accepted an offer on our house!  Well technically they accepted our counter offer after they put in a really low offer.  We're getting what we wanted so we're just so happy and thrilled and it sold so fast!  Now we're just praying that everything goes smoothly until closing on April 23.  We still don't have a date for when Tyler has to leave for the academy (we're guessing April 11 but just haven't heard for sure yet). 

The house selling so quickly was just another sign to us that this is what God's will is for our lives right now.  He hasn't just opened the door for this opportunity he swung the door wide open and is pushing us through!  It's very comforting to know that even though this is a huge change for us, God has our best interest in mind and apparently he has bigger things lined up for us than we can even imagine! 

So now we've been given lots of boxes (Thanks Pam and Vail!) and it's time to start getting packed up!  Wow, have I mentioned before how much I hate the process of moving and getting things put into boxes and then not knowing where everything is when you need to start unpacking?  Now add a crawling 8 month old to the picture and things get a bit tricky! 

I know Lincoln has two very anxious Grandma's who just can't wait for him to move back up to Nebraska though!  It won't be too long now. 


  1. good luck packing! label your boxes like crazy with detailed lists taped on!

  2. Yeah!!! how exciting!! i can't believe you sold that fast either.. we never have good luck in selling houses.. wish you the best of luck in all you guys do..