Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teething.... not fun (for me or Lincoln!).  Poor little guy finally has a little bump on his bottom gums and is in a LOT of pain.  It's really messing up his schedule (which I LOVED by the way, his schedule that is, not his messing it up).  We went from sleeping through the night to waking up multiple times because his mouth hurts. 

Along with his hurting gums, he has a hurting head.  Lincoln just wants to go, go, go and it's already getting him some bumps and bruises.  I'm trying to baby-proof my parents house but that is easier said than done with laptops everywhere, cords for those laptops, a rocking chair that Lincoln insists on trying to climb on (and it usually ends up with him slipping and falling unless I'm there to catch him) and the list goes on. 

I'm not so sure how I feel about this mobility thing.  I can't get anything done!  He is everywhere and wanting to pull up to everything.  I'll just have to adjust somehow and figure out a new way to get things done. 

We sure do miss Tyler.  He's only been gone a week and a half and 18 1/2 weeks left to go!  I booked my ticket (since Lincoln doesn't need one, thank goodness!) for May 20-June 1 to go out and see him.  This next month can't go fast enough! 


  1. Hey Marie:) have you tried hylands teething tablets? They are a gentle homeopathic remedy that help lily so much when she's teething! I think my mom might carry some in aurora at touch of health. I usually give her those and some Tylenol before bed and she sleeps great! Hope that might work for you. Good luck!

  2. Yeah, it seems like as soon as we get used to a schedule, something changes! I hope those little teeth pop through soon. Praying for you guys.