Thursday, May 13, 2010

1 year ago....

...tomorrow my water broke.  Before I start I need to have a small disclaimer on this post.  It's probably TMI for some of you so if you need to stop reading now here is your cue. :)  Now for most pregnant women that's a welcomed sign at the end of their pregnancy and labor is soon to follow (if it hasn't already started) and they will welcome their precious baby into the world within 24 hrs (they usually want you to have the baby within 24 hrs after your water has broken because of risk of infection).

But for me it was a different story....

I remember it just like it was yesterday.  It was a Thursday morning (early morning 5:45am to be exact) and I had spend the day before cleaning our house and getting ready for guests that weekend for my college graduation.  I had just finish student teaching the Friday before and was all set to graduate.  I had gone in for my 24 week appt. with my OB the day before and she even told me I was a BORING patient because everything was so normal (which is a good thing, it's not good to be an exciting patient, as I've now learned!).  I had told her of having more than normal discharge but she said that was normal.  Well as it turns out that was probably my water bag slowly leaking until it broke the next morning.  I was laying in bed and felt wet but was in denial  because "This could not be happening, there's NO way my water could've broken!" so I rolled over in bed and fell back asleep for about 5 more minutes until I was a little panicy and thought I should get up and see what was going on.  Well I had my answer as soon as I stood up.  Gush.....and I did not pee my pants!  I woke Tyler up in a panic and told him to call Dr. Mroz.  She told us to go straight to labor and delivery at St. Joseph.  So we were admitted and they checked me to see if it really was my water and started monitoring me and preparing me to have this baby within the next couple days.  Neonatal Doctors were coming in and preparing me for what a baby at 24 weeks is going to be like and possible complications.  I was a whirlwind of emotions and just praying that this baby of mine would not come.  I had no idea what to expect and just kept praying that I wouldn't go into labor.  I got past the first night and then day 2 came and went and then days 3 and 4 came and went (after getting past day 4 I became less likely to go into labor right away).  I was moved to a more comfortable room and told by my Doctor to get myself psyched up for this marathon I was just beginning.  Little did I know I wouldn't see the outside world for another 8 weeks and how this little, precious life inside of me was going to change my life in ways I couldn't imagine before he was even born!

After a couple days in the hospital with my amazingly strong and supportive husband

Happy Graduation Day to me! And I've loved using my degree to do my dream job this past year.  

 My precious Lincoln, the only way I knew him a year ago.  

It was a scary time in our lives but it really made us lean on the Lord, HARD.  It's sure amazing all that can happen in a years time. 

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  1. What a scary day to look back on. Its crazy how much one day can change the course of your life forever! Yet in some strange way its almost an amazing day to look back on... thinking of where your amazing journey with Lincoln started. And where all 3 of you are today! (ok maybe its not amazing to you, but it is to me! The day I went into PTL is not amazing to me, but the journey it was a part of sure is!) Think, of how much I know you have learned about life, patience & love, that all started on this day. And think of what an amazing job you did keeping Lincoln inside! Thats what makes it all so amazing. Celebrate your strenght, Tyler's love & Lincoln's health today!