Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1st Haircut

I know, I know, Lincoln hardly has any hair and your probably thinking, "why did she get it cut?  what could she have cut off?"  Well here is proof that L's hair was getting too long.  Too long over his ears at least. 

So Grandma Hunni got the privilege of giving Lincoln his first hair cut!  He didn't sit still at all and it took longer than it should of because he kept turning his head to try and see what she was doing. 

Now Lincoln will look great when we get to see Daddy on Friday!

Lincoln and Grandpa H. after their hair cuts

We went to the Dr. again today and found out that Lincoln still has an ear infection in both ears.  Poor guy just can't get rid of this!  We got bigger and better antibiotics and are armed and ready for our trip out to VA to see Tyler.  Hopefully this new medicine will work and he will feel all better.  Otherwise it's looking like we'll be on our way to tubes.  I had a really bad time with ear infections when I was a baby and had tubes put in.  I just hope we can avoid that with Lincoln but I'm more than willing to get it done if it makes him feel better.  

Oh and just because I think it's a cute picture and I just Luuurve it, here is a picture from last Friday when I was preparing food for Rasmus's graduation party.  Lincoln put his hand on mine and was helping me scoop the pineapple. 

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