Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Months!

Lincoln is 10 months old!
 This was the best "bear picture" I could get today.

And then he crawled away....

Lincoln seemed to finally be feeling better so we took a few more pictures...
This rocking chair was my mom's when she was little

At 10 months you weigh (or at least last week) 15 lbs. 10 oz. (I'm guessing you've lost some weight from being sick this week)

You still LOVE smiling at everyone and as shown in the second picture, you are crawling all over the place! And you. are. fast!
I love his surprised face.

You sure keep us laughing!  You've been saying all sorts of interesting things "dada," "nana," "lala," "pppppppp(spit)ppppppp(spit some more)" and all sorts of squeals of excitement!

Grandma is teaching him bad things!

Lincoln and Grandma Hunni

And this was the best picture I could get of him and I, poor guy was all "pictured" out

I found my 9 month pictures and at first thought Lincoln looked like me but not so much in this picture.  (Think Tyler would like it if I put a curl on the top of Lincoln's head like that? hehe)

You've also tried some "flavored puffs" to see how you handle picking up foods and feeding yourself.  You did NOT like the flavor (banana) and spit it right back out!  

You are a very flexible (schedule-wise) baby.  We've had quite the month, this past month with sleeping in all different kinds of places and seeing lots of different people.  You adjust well and just go with the flow.  I'm SO thankful for that trait of yours!  You also travel really well!  You usually take a LONG nap and then just babble to yourself and play with toys for the rest of the ride.  

We'll see how you do on our first plane ride in 9 days!  Yep that's right, we're going to see Tyler May 20-June 1!  I'm so excited and I know Lincoln is really missing his Daddy, it'll be a very special time for our family.  

And here's a quick video I took while we were snapping pictures of Linc 

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