Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My First Mother's Day

I was SOO, SOOO, SOOO thankful and excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day and got to celebrate the day with Lincoln waking up sick and puking all over me (oh I LOVE being a mom! Although that seems sarcastic it really isn't.  I'm thankful for the puke that gets all over me because that means he is HERE and he is HEALTHY (well not at the moment but no problems from being born early) and he is MINE.  How did I get so lucky?!) 

Tyler was so sweet and sent me these flowers on Saturday.  I really wish he could've been here but the good thing is, WE GET TO SEE HIM IN 9 DAYS! :)
A family friend of ours came over Sunday afternoon and decided to cook an amazing meal for his mom, my mom and me to celebrate Mother's Day.  Here are some pictures of the meal.  

All the steaks marinating.....and right before we put them on the grill

My poor sick boy :(

Cutting, slicing, dicing, mixing, mashing, pouring, baking, getting it all ready!

The Twice Baked Potatoes being baked for the first time

Lincoln was feeling a little better so he decided to pull up and look out the window at Thomas as he was grilling the steaks.

Everyone getting ready to dig in!

It was SO yummy!  Thanks so much Thomas, John, Trey and Rasmus (mostly Thomas though) for serving us moms!  The meal was amazing!

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