Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lincoln's All Ready for Aunt Hope's Wedding!

We found Lincoln's suit that he'll wear for the wedding since he's the ring bearer.  We figured we could save some money by just getting him a suit instead of a tux.  Little did we know we would save SO much money!  Dillard's had all the little boy suits on sale 70% off!  And if you know me, I LOVE a good deal!  We got his suit for..........drum roll please...............$9!!

Well I couldn't get the picture to turn but here is his suit!  Isn't it adorable?!

And the price was so good I just HAD to take a picture! :)

Oh and Hope kindly reminded me that Kyle (Derek's best man) claims his speech is going to be SO much better than mine....and right now he's right because I haven't even started!  yikes!  Maybe I'll just watch the video from my wedding and the speech that Hope gave and copy it! :) hehe, She wouldn't notice would she?

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  1. What a GREAT deal. I can't WAIT to see little Lincoln in that!! How cute!!