Monday, July 12, 2010

Lincoln's 1st Birthday Party!

 We celebrated Lincoln's Birthday with lots of friends and family here in Nebraska tonight!  It was SOOO much fun and I'm pretty sure Lincoln LOVED eating his cake!  He had a John Deere themed party (thought it was fitting since we were here in Nebraska and just about everyone at the party were farmers)  :)  Lincoln was all about trying to touch the candle while we were singing to him and didn't quite get how to blow it out :)

He was a mess!

Playing with the tractors (yes he's on the table but my mom was right there waiting to catch him!)

The set up in my parent's garage pre-guests :)

His cake (made by Walmart) and I made the corn on the cob cupcakes.  Recipe here

The Birthday boy with his mommy :)

Wishing he could get down and play....

Singing "Happy Birthday"

What is this?

First taste.....

....didn't quite like it ? hahaha

Then he got used to it...

...and got it EVERYWHERE! :)

I picked him up by the chair and put him and the chair in the tub to wash off

After a quick bath we were back to open gifts

Not quite sure what's going on

Ok, now I've got the hang of it.....what's in there?!

Lincoln with second cousin Fallon

The best picture I got of Fallon, Adeline and Lincoln

And of course like most 1 year olds he LOVED the boxes!

Telling Great Grandpa Rempel about all the presents he got :)

We had such a great time celebrating your first year!  Can't wait to celebrate many, many, many more with you!  We love you, Lincoln!


  1. happy birthday lincoln!

    CUTE corn cob cupcakes!

  2. Wish we could have been there. Hopefully we'll be able to see baby sprinkle soon - it's been over two months, which is way too long.

  3. That picture with Grandpa Rempel is a keeper! How precious. So fun to see you the other night and can't believe we waited that long to meet Lincoln. What a true blessing from God!