Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Month by Month

Lincoln's monthly pictures with his bear (except his 1st month)  He sure has grown!

I can't believe my little man is already 1 year old!  We traveled on his birthday (poor guy) but he did get some birthday ice cream and we'll celebrate with a party this weekend. 
At 1 year old you...
...weigh 17 lbs 4 oz.
...are 28 1/2 inches long at everyone
...have such a great personality
...can walk holding onto our hands and sometimes just one hand still eat a lot of pureed foods because you don't like to chew your food very well and choke on EVERYTHING(might have a little something to do with only have 1 1/2 teeth) are now sleeping from 8pm-7am
...are figuring out the sippy cup thing
..."drive" you toys everywhere baths and would stay in there and play for hours if I let you!
...have figured out you can be very loud and sometimes like to yell (really loud) in the wort places (ex. airplanes)
...have toured D.C. and gone to the National Zoo but will probably hate the fact that you were under the age of 1 when we took you :) playing with you daddy :)
...are a good traveler
...are VERY flexible with your schedule and I'm SOOOO very thankful since our lives are kinda hectic right now

We love you, Lincoln!


  1. Oh how amazing Lincoln is! So fun to watch him grow. What a wonderful blessing. Happy Birthday Lincoln!!