Tuesday, August 17, 2010

decisions, decisions.....oh the life of a 1 year old!

Lincoln LOVES sucking on lemons, so the other day I had one in my water and gave it to him to have. He sucked on it until all the "fruit" of it was gone and then just kept on sucking on the rind (is that was it's called?).

He had it in his mouth while he was playing with his toys for a good 20 minutes and then.....

...he found a binkie that he NEVER liked as a baby
which one do I want?
The lemon???
Yummy! :)
Nope, the binkie won!

It was so cute watching him try and decide which one to put in his mouth.  He was thinking so hard and switching back and forth between the two for quite awhile but then in the end decided that the lemon had seen better days and the binkie came through! Oh how hard the life of a 1 year old is!  Those are TOUGH decisions!

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