Tuesday, August 17, 2010

pop out tunnel

Lincoln got this awesome set of pop up tents/tunnel for his birthday from Noah :) We had gotten the tunnel out a couple times to see if L wanted to play in it and it wasn't the greatest hit. He was too scared to crawl in it and play. So my brother Trey saw it in the box and got all excited so we got it out and started playing with it. Lincoln wasn't so sure at first but after awhile he finally crawled through it!

Trey excited about the new "toy" :)
Trying to figure out the tent
Lincoln being a bystander and watching, not so sure about it all
Yes he was THIS excited!
He slowly was able to coax Lincoln into trying it out
Here he comes!
Wait!  I changed my mind!  Get me outta here!
Ok, maybe I'll try it again

Uncle T and Linc
Crawling through the tunnel to Gma Hunni
They had fun playing together
Then Grandma decided she wanted to play :)  Where's Grandma?
There she is!!
Lincoln wanted to disappear too

I think he had a good time playing in the tunnel. Thanks Noah for the awesome present! Now where are we going to put it in our new house? hmmmm....

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