Monday, August 16, 2010

let the countdown begin...!

disclaimer: Lincoln's Grandma's and Grandpa's should stop reading here. The following post contains information about moving away that will make you sad :(

The countdown:
15 days until Tyler is done!
16 days until He comes back to see family for a week.
21 days until we MOVE
23 days until we get there
131 days until Christmas when we will FOR SURE be back (possibly be back sooner but not for sure)

I can't believe our time here with family is drawing to it's end. Don't get me wrong because I have really enjoyed being here and having so much family to be with while we were without hubby/daddy. It REALLY helped A LOT and I can't thank my family enough for putting up with us taking over their house for so long! (Thanks, mom! ) But I am SO excited to start our "new life" together again! It's like we're newlyweds again and starting out on our own in a new place. It'll sure be an adventure and I can't wait to be with my hubs again! I miss him so much!

These last 5 months have sure been a growing season for me. Until now I was a very dependent person. I depended on Tyler for too many things and didn't know how I would take care of Lincoln without him! I've learned that, as with everything else in life, you just rise to the occasion. I have learned how to do the "single mom" thing - and it was NOT easy. I'm so thankful I won't have to do it much longer.
15 days...ready or not, here we go!

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