Friday, August 27, 2010

many uses for duct tape

 My brother has a very unique talent making almost anything out of duct tape. He has made wallets, roses, purses, bags, folders, calla lilies, banners, corsages, etc.

He just got done making his back pack for school this year. It turned out pretty great.

His awesome sister modeling the bag :)
Yep....I missed my calling.... I would've been a great model! HAHA
Trey, staring off into the distance thinking about all the great times he will have with his duct tape back pack this school year...

 Giving Grandma her duct tape bouquet for her 80th birthday
 The Coursage and Boutineirre he made for prom last year

 He's also selling this Zebra purse on ebay RIGHT NOW if you are interested :)

 Click HERE to check out his website

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