Friday, August 27, 2010

one last D.C. visit

Well Sunday I leave for my last trip out to D.C.  It's crazy that these 5 months are almost over!  I'm so excited to be with my hubby again.  The only sad part of this trip is that Lincoln isn't going to be coming with me.  We debated back and forth about it (because Tyler REALLY wants him there of course but we'll be making a 6 hour drive in the TRUCK and he's just getting really hard to fly with by myself).  So the grandparents get to keep him (I REALLY had to pull their arms to do this! haha) until we get back Wednesday Sept. 1. 

I have so much to pack and yet I'm sitting here bloggging....go figure.  All of our "stuff" is still packed in LaVerne's trailer at the farm but we'll have to unload it into my parents garage next Thursday and then Friday the Movers will come and load it all up again.  I have to decide which of that stuff I'll be needing for this next month because we won't see it until Oct. 10!  So lots of sorting is in my very near future. 

I forgot until now that I haven't posted much about our last trip to D.C.  We were able to do a little more touring of the Smithsonians, a sculpture park and the Federal Triangle.  Here are some pictures from our little "outing."  :)

 This sign said that the "Werner's" were around the corner....they weren't :(
 Abe Lincoln's hat
 Wizard of Oz
 Dorothy's shoes....I can relate to her a little more..."We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto." :(


 It was SO crowed, especially in the dinosaur room....
 Lincoln was scared of this one!
 He looks like he's checking out something over there
 Hope Diamond
 These pigeons wouldn't leave Lincoln alone!
 This guy was SO good, play on those buckets and singing
 Interesting Spider sculpture in the Sculpture Garden
 Awesome fountain we found...but beware the fountain police!  They'll get ya if you even think about trying to wade in there.
 A daddy and his boy
 Segway tour
One last picture of the capitol...never did see the inside....oh well!

Ok just a quick sidenote in here to brag on my hubby for a second....he got an award....because he's smart...go figure :)  So extremely proud of him!

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