Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pedicures and chipotle :)

While staying in MD with my great friend Allie, we took an afternoon for ourselves, dropped Elise and Lincoln off with her in-laws and went to get pedicures!  It was so good to relax and have a conversation without being interrupted by our kids :)  The pedicure was AMAZING and I'm pretty sure it should be a LAW that every mom should be treated to some sort of spa treatment WEEKLY!  It was towards the end of a very hard week with Lincoln (and Elise was having trouble eating too) so Allie and I were running low on patience, compassion, etc. and this so rejuvenated me!  I didn't get any pictures of us getting the pedicure (I was too busy relaxing and enjoying!). 

Chipotle, good for the soul :)
 My beautiful friend, Allie
 ...and our beautiful babes being so good while we cooked dinner!  (Yes Lincoln is sitting in a bouncer, crazy kid.  I set him on there and turned on the vibrating and he just sat there all relaxed eating his snack!  He sat there like that for a good 15 minutes or so). 
If only I had the funds to do things like pedicures more often.  They are so wonderful (happy sigh).

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