Saturday, September 11, 2010

Howie the Huskie Mascot

Between the time that Tyler and I got back from his graduation and the day that we had to leave we decided to pack our days with lots of stuff including an Aurora Football game!  My brother just happens to be the Huskie Mascot so we went to see him and give him a hard time :)  We ate the sloppy joe supper that was before the game with Tyler's family and then my parents came a little later and we all were barely able to sit together.  The stands were SOOO packed!  I guess it kind of makes a difference in crowd size when the team just won the state championship the year before and it was #1 ranked Aurora playing #4 ranked McCook.  It was a REALLY great game to watch and have I mentioned before how much I LOVE this time of year?!  I LOVE football games and the cooler weather that comes with it!

 Eatings Sloppy Joe's with Grandma
 hmmmm....I'm pretty sure he liked them, his face doesn't make you think that though.
 Mesmerized by the football players
 Go Huskies!
 Watching the game with Grandma Hunni
 Grandpa H. gave him popcorn....he ate so much!
 Go. Fight. Win!
 Cheering with mommy
 Our family at the game
 With Howie the Huskie!  Lincoln wasn't so sure about him....
 My cousin Riley LOVES Howie!
 Sorry it's blurry but this one really shows how uneasy Lincoln was about Howie!  I was surprised he even let Howie hold him!

It was cool that Lincoln's first football game that he went to was Tyler and I's high school team.  The Huskies won by the way! :)

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like Lincoln really enjoys football already!