Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nebraska State Fair

Well it took until I was 24, moved to Kansas for 4 1/2 years, back to Nebraska for 5 months and then planning on moving out of state again before I finally made it to the Nebraska State Fair.  I don't ever remember going when I was younger although Dad said we went to a couple concerts here and there but for some reason I don't remember them.  Well it also helped that the state fair moved from Lincoln to Grand Island for the first time this year and the fact that my awesome brother was singing in a talent competition to get us there!  We went for about half of one day and watched Trey sing and walked around for a little while until "Mr. I Need a Nap Now and I WILL NOT Fall Asleep In The Stroller" came along.  Lincoln does pretty good but when he needs a nap he really needs to be in his pack n play or in our big stroller in order to fall asleep (and of course I had already packed that one in the moving truck and all we had was the little umbrella stroller).  I think he would've had more fun if he wouldn't have been so tired, he didn't care to look at any of the animals or anything.  So we cut our time short and headed back.  But we DID get a chance to taste the smoothest and most delicious ice cream known to man!  It's call Nitro Cream and it's made using liquid nitrogen so it's REALLY cold.  They said it takes 25 minutes for the Nitro Cream to start melting.  Oh man, it was heavenly!

 Daddy and Lincoln looking out the window of our bus while we were being shuttled from parking to the fair
 Lincoln with Grandma Hunni on the bus
 Doesn't he look so sweet holding his program and watching the performance so intently? :)
 Trey singing, "I'll Stand by You"
 Nitro Ice Cream!!!
Yes he liked it THAT much!

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