Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a reminder....

....of the events of last year.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with a new nephrologist (fancy name for kidney dr.) here.  Because of what happened with my kidney's during my pregnancy with Lincoln, I will have yearly check ups on my kidney function.  So since this is the first year after having Lincoln, this is the first time in a year that I've had to get them checked.  I'm just a little anxious about this.  I don't have any reason to think there is something wrong, there is just always a chance that something could show up I guess.  My doctor last year cleared me and said that I was back to normal so I'm hoping that's still the case.  Just asking for some prayer for tomorrow's appt.  It's a whole new Dr. who has no idea what I went through so pray that he has had other experiences with HELLP patients and knows what he's talking about.  Pray that the creatinine levels are normal. 

That's all for now....thanks for praying!

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