Sunday, October 10, 2010

the pumpkin patch

We decided this weekend was the perfect time for us to go to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard.  There is a great one not too far from us so we tried it out!

He looks so tiny compared to the huge pumpkin!  Look for the snack bowl in pictures below, it's like his security blanket he wouldn't let go of it!
Telling the bunny "hello"
Walking with Daddy
You can't really tell but there were two pigs in this pen
Miniature donkeys
Taking it all in...

He found this pine cone
It was so cool, we had to stop and play with it for awhile
We didn't get too close to this guys cage, he was sick of everyone looking at him
My big boy playing in a red truck (notice he traded the snack bowl for the pine cone)
I love how he's sitting here with the pumpkins, looks all grow up (we still have the pine cone!)
Checking out the stems on the pumpkins
"I wonder what these feel like?"
Cheesin' for mommy
No more messing around with the "little" pumpkins, we moved on to bigger and better pumpkins :)
...climbed a haystack...not really but we can pretend
Me and my favorite little boy playing on the pumpkins with our pine cone too!
He stood there for a long time telling the pumpkins all about was like he was commanding them to "sit still and stay there" or something, they sure listened! hehe
Riding the hayrack ride out to the apple orchard
We picked a LOT of apples
Lincoln liked to "show" them to me
Daddy liked to eat them (notice the huge cheek, Lincoln liked to stuff as many goldfish as he can into his mouth, crazy kid)
Lincoln and mommy in the Apple Orchard! 

We had such a fun day and it was PERFECT weather for it! 

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