Friday, October 8, 2010

playdate at the park

Today was such a beautiful day!  We decided to take full advantage of it and squeeze in another trip to the park before it gets too cold.  Some of the moms from the "playgroup" that I've just started going to met at a park and the kiddos got to "play."  Lincoln had a great time on the swings and slide but I think crawling around in the wood chips and grass was more his thing (such a boy! hehe).  Here are some pictures from our morning...

Lincoln was totally focused on something on the inside of the swing

"Mom, quit taking pictures!"
Some new friends for Lincoln
Linc man and sweet little S
Joey and Piper having a great time in the swings!

Lincoln was tired of swinging and wanted to just play in the dirt
Checking out all the different wood chips
He found this huge wood chip and later it ended up in his snack bowl....silly boy
Joey, warm and comfy, taking a snooze
Lincoln and Piper eating snacks/lunch
That snack bowl is the best. invention. EVER.
Linc man and his new friend Piper had fun on the slide too!

After we came home from the park Lincoln crashed and took a great nap!  I love days where we get to get out and do fun things that wear him out! :)

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