Thursday, October 7, 2010

{15 months}

How in the world can you be 15 months old already?!  I know I say that every month that goes by but seriously this growing up stuff is going by WAY TOO FAST!  Lincoln, at 15 months you are really starting to show us there isn't anything you can't do if you put your mind to it.  Here are just a few of the things you are up to lately:
-You're walking!  You offcially took your first steps Sept. 18th (at 14 months) but it's been slow going.  You'll walk every once in awhile but since you are the speediest crawler I know, you know crawling will get you there faster so why walk, right?
-You are jabbering up a storm these days.  It's so fun "talking" to you and hearing all you've got to's a lot!
-You've started "singing" along to the songs we listen to in the car and dancing when you hear a tune you like while playing at home.
-You climb EVERYTHING!  You've almost made it to the top of the couch to look out the window, today you pushed your toys up against the coffee table and climbed on top of it and those stairs are nothing anymore, you're up and down them in no time!
-Your newest fascination is the refrigerator when I have it open to get something out.  You make a beeline to it and most of the time your too fast and get there before I can shut it.  (Don't tell daddy that I leave the door open sometimes for a couple minutes so you can play with the things on the bottom shelf) shhhh!
-You grunt when you're trying to lift something really heavy...sometimes the grunts turns into whining but most of the time you are able to lift whatever it is that your trying to.
-You are the best at unpacking clothes from suitcases or boxes....even though it makes more work for mommy I'm so glad you want to help :)
-You are so good at sharing!  At the library I showed you once how to share your snack with a friend and 5 minutes later you did again on your own! *happy tear
-You give the best kisses
-You mimic a lot of the words we say.  You've got "oh no!" down pretty good (with two hands up on the head for a dramatic effect)

 My little climber
 Once little climber
 getting into everything :)
 Love his long eyelashes...make my heart melt
 Eat those veggies so you'll grow big and strong!
  This is his "oh no!" gesture he does when he says "oh no!" he's copying daddy

I love watching you learn and grow everyday and I'm so thankful I get the chance to stay home with you.  I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING.  I love you Linc man!

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