Thursday, October 7, 2010

we're still alive...

Yes we are still alive, we survived the move even though it was pretty interesting.  I was never more thankful that we had movers who were going to unload all the boxes until Thursday night (night before the move) at 9:45pm when Lincoln woke up screaming.  I went in to check on him and he was covered in throw up.  He continued to get sick a couple more times that night and then the next morning.  I was panicked thinking, how in the world are we going to do this?  Well Tyler ended up going to the new townhouse to help the movers while Lincoln and I cuddled on the couch.  Thankfully he was done throwing up and just wanted to rest.  It was so weird because he was only sick for about 12 hours and then back to his normal self.  I'm so grateful that it was so short lived! 

 Our disaster of a living room....It's a little more put together now, I'm itching to get pictures on the wall and decorate!
 My sick boy on moving day
 He was so good, stayed right here at the door watching everything!
 Where's my kitchen you might ask?  It's somewhere behind all those boxes...
 Piling everything into Lincoln's room
A couple days later, I had a much happier boy to help me unpack all those boxes!

It is so nice being in our OWN place now.  Cooking is so much easier now that I have all my things (except our silverware....that's quite the unsolved mystery at the moment) and I LOVE having all our stuff again.  

So that's all I have time for, for to find us some cheap flights...wish me luck! :)

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