Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 weeks and counting...

So we've been here over 3 weeks now but it seems like it's been SO MUCH LONGER!  It doesn't really feel like this is where we'll be living for the next couple years since we're still in limbo right now.  But that comes to an end this Friday!  Until now we've been living in a guest suite at the complex we've signed a lease with but our townhouse wasn't available until Oct. 1.  It feels like we're at a hotel and living out of suitcases....which we kind of are.  So this week is devoted to packing all this stuff here up again to move it across the complex to our new "home."  All the rest of our stuff will be delivered and unloaded (thankfully we don't have to do any of it!!!!) on Friday.  

So how have we been spending our time while here so far? 

Story time at the library.
Bowling (for me!) 
Taking full advantage of living less than 5 minutes from Target, Old Navy, and Kohls :)
Enjoying the fall weather.
Switching all that fun stuff like License plates, driver's licenses, insurance, banks etc. 
Getting back into couponing (I now have access to 4 computers, so if I want to I can print up to 8 copies of printable coupons!  I know that might not seem quite so exciting to a lot of you but that just makes me giggle with excitement at all the possibilites of savings!)
Garage Saling.
This weekend we're going to a small pumpkin patch with hayrack rides (there is a bigger one with an apple orchard as well that we want to go to in the next couple weeks)
Studying up for the driver's license test (found out we actually don't have to retake the "driving" portion...phew.)
Looking at plane tickets to Nebraska and Wichita :)
Buying "Wrinkle Free" shirts for the hubby, because ironing is my least favorite thing to do.
I ran a mile the other day and I'm not sure but I think I almost died. (yes only 1 mile, quit laughing Kaely!)
Got amazing results back from the Kidney Doctor!  Everything was normal! Yay for good health! Don't have to worry about that for another year....check that one off my list!
Found a Pediatrician for Linc man.
Looking around for furniture to purchase to replace the things we pawned off on Hope and Derek :)

It seems to be getting easier to find things to fill my time up with so that's been great.  It makes the move so much easier when I'm busy and not thinking about missing everyone so much.  

So that's our "as of late."  I'll let you all know how the move goes of Friday!


  1. yay for running a mile, and yay for healthy kidneys! marie, you should do a post on couponing. where do you find good deals? and can you find coupons for foods that are fresh and healthy? i only see them for pizza hut and 12-packs of pop, and stuff like that.

  2. I'm so glad for the amazing kidney results! What an answer to prayer. Glad you are staying busy and adjusting to life. We miss you!