Friday, October 15, 2010


Read this blog post here.  My cousin and his wife Amy posted it on their blog and I read it with tears in my eyes.  Let me know what you think about it.

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  1. powerful.

    it's easy to dismiss what we're (American Christians in general) are saying NO to when we say no to adoption. this post puts it in perspective of seeing what's at stake.

    i hope that doesn't sounds like i think they were in the wrong to say no--i can tell just from that one post that they sought the Lord's will and COULDN'T say yes.

    i just mean Christians in general who don't really give adoption a second thought really, who don't wrestle and agonize and whole-heartedly seek the Lord's will about adopting. easy to avoid it, because what's at stake isn't really right in front of our eyes like this family living in Haiti.

    like she said, "If each of us had to hold that four week old baby in our arms...a true orphan...truly in distress...if we had to look her in the eyes and then reject her, I don't think many Christians would do that. I think all the excuses we have for not adopting, or not giving would suddenly seem insane."