Saturday, October 16, 2010

a HUGE milestone!

Ok so Lincoln's "HUGE" milestone is that he finally weighs 20 lbs.!!  20.2 lbs to be exact :)  Although we found that out under not so great circumstances (he has a double ear infection) it's still great news!  Does it matter that he was wearing all the heaviest clothes that I could find to put on him (it was cold this morning) PLUS a wet diaper?  I think that means we can finally turn him around in his car seat!  I really haven't minded having him backwards in the car as I was told by a car seat installer to wait as long as possible before turning them around because it's a lot safer to be backwards.  I just feel bad for him because I'm sure he would love to face forward and see everything.  We'll see though.  I'll probably still wait a little while before turning him around. 

Have I mentioned that our new pediatrician is RIGHT across the street from our townhouse complex?  We share the same street address.  LOVE it!  We go next Friday for his 15 month check up and get all his stats done then but just thought I'd share this exciting and "weighty" news :)

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