Saturday, November 20, 2010

baby sign language

It's amazing the things that Lincoln is learning these days.  We've been working on sign language for a LONG time and it finally just "clicked" with him this last week.  While Grandma was here I just started asking him to do the 4 signs that we had been working on and he did them without any helpful hints from me!  It blew me away and now he's got it down and does it all the time.  It's so helpful now to be able to communicate with him if even in just a couple ways.  I can now ask him when he is all done eating or if he wants more.  And now we can start working on manners with please and thank you!  Until he starts saying more words this is going to be so helpful! 

I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to catch on to it, since I've heard of other babies learning sign language a lot earlier on but he just wanted to do it all in his own timing.  Just another reminder to me, not to push him to do things he's not ready to do. 

I tried for awhile to get a video of him doing the sign language but he just kept walking up to the camera and wanting to see it and touch it so we opted for the high chair to keep him contained :) 

Then right after he finished the sign language video he started actually saying "buh bye!"  So I was able to catch that on video too!

Here is a good website that gives pictures of sign language with the words that they mean. 

Baby Sign Language

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  1. i LOVE sign language both my boys have done it since they were babies and STILL use it!! its great for communication :)