Saturday, November 27, 2010


No, don't worry nobody faceplanted into the ground or anything like that.....sorry if you were looking forward to a funny video about an actual wipeout.  [wipe]out is just my attempt at a clever title to this blog post (you'll understand more when you watch the video), which speaking of blog posts, this is my 250th post!  Now talk about a HUGE milestone.  I was starting to feel like a pretty big loser lately since I've literally accomplished NOTHING in the last month but at least I can say that in the month of November I accomplished hitting my 250th post.  (If you can't tell, I'm being extremely saracastic). 

But all joking aside, I have had a very hard month or couple of months in all I guess.  I've been pretty much laid up on the couch for multiple reasons and have had to try to entertain my VERY active toddler with anything and everything I can think of that didn't involve me getting up very much.  My amazing hubby, though through it all has been so great to me and completely steps up and takes on my everyday tasks [laundry, cooking (well sometimes, we had a LOT of take out), cleaning, dishes, diapers, nose wiping and everything else that I just couldn't do] and held me when I just needed comfort.  He is so strong and has such a solid faith.  I would like to say I have an unwavering faith in all circumstances as well but I fail miserably in comparison.  He keeps me grounded and when I'm asking the "what ifs" and the "whys" he's there to remind me that God's plan is not our own.  I'm so thankful to be married to him.  :)

It's been awhile since Lincoln has gotten into the diaper bag and emptied it (he used to do this a LOT) and so when he found it and started taking everything out, I figured, eh why not?  It'll keep him busy for at least 20 minutes.  Well what I thought would be 20 minutes almost turned into an hour of fun for him.  He found the wipes that I keep in my diaper bag and figured out how to open them.  At this point I usually would've stopped him and we would've put it all away and found something new to play with but since I wasn't feeling well I just let him proceed to take almost all the wipes out and lay them on the kitchen floor.  Good thing I like couponing and almost all of the wipes that I get are basically free because he completely emptied all the wipes.  After he had about half of them out of the container, he then got the brilliant idea to pick one up at a time and throw it away in the kitchen trash can.  He's just recently discovered it and he LOVES throwing everything away.....we better be careful or he'll throw away something valuable (our friends, Justin and Lesley found that their sweet daughter Jordan had thrown away a $50 bill once while we were over there for supper!)

Anyways, this video is over 3 minutes and I'm probably the only one who thinks is just so cute to watch it for that long.  He does the same thing for the whole 3 minutes just fyi :)  Oh and notice that he has one shoe on?  That's by his he finds his shoes (they are never in the same spot) he brings it to me to put on him.  In the video he had only found one the his shoes :)

I hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving full of family, friends, food and fun!  As much as we really wanted to be back with our families for Thanksgiving we are extremely grateful for the people God has put in our lives.  They invited us "strays" into their home for Thanksgiving and we had so much fun! 

Not being able to see family this week has made me that much more excited for Christmas!!!  We all will be back for a week and then Wichita bound for New Year's Eve and Lincoln and I get to stay until January 11!!!  (wow I said "and" a lot in that sentence)  Might as well get our money's worth out of those expensive plane tickets, right? 

Oh and on a very much side note, I'm getting the crafting itch.  I have a couple ideas of things I want to do and IF I end up doing them I'll make sure and blog about it :)  Can't decide if I'm starting to want a sewing machine or not?  Will it get used enough to justify the cost?  Will I have the patience to learn?  Will I overcome my fear of sewing my finger again like I did in Home Ec class in 7th grade?  I'll keep ya posted.....


  1. That was so cute! I giggled just hearing you laugh. He's grown so big...can't believe he's a true toddler now. We miss you guys!

  2. Please do not sew your finger!!! :) I will never forget that! I hope you are doing well. I miss you. Love always!!!

  3. 3 minutes is JUST fine! :) so cute!
    We can't remember which kid, but one of ours loved throwing stuff away like we would tear up paper in tiny bits and give the pieces to him (her?) one at a time.

  4. thinking of you, sweet girl. i hope we can make new years with you guys work. <3