Thursday, November 4, 2010

cheerio {a hidden snack}

There is a little boy in my life that is a lot like me.  One of the ways he's a lot like me is that he LOVES to snack.  So much that his snack bowl is with him almost all day long.  He would probably sleep with it if I let him.  Lately his snack of choice has been cheerios.  Cheerios aren't quite my favorite snack for him because they end up EVERYWHERE!  I've found them on the floor of our escape, in our bathroom, between the cushions of the couch, in the toy box, in his toy cars, under my feet when I step on them and crush them into the carpet, and the latest place I've found a cheerio....

is here...
After I took the picture I wanted to see if he would notice it and he never did, finally I just took it out.  I think he was keeping it for a snack later, or maybe he thought he needed another "bump" on the back of his head like the hemangioma he already has? :)

Then he caught me trying to sneak pictures of him and he decided to chase me!

Here he comes!!!!

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